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Piano tuning is as much a part of owning a piano as playing it. A new piano needs tuning three or four times to give the strings a chance to stretch before it becomes stabilized. Manufacturers also recommend three to four times the first year and from then on, piano tuning twice a year. At Better Sounds Piano Tuning in Baltimore, MD, my main service calls are for piano tuning.

How did your piano go out of tune anyway? Much of a piano is made of wood; therefore, the major cause is humidity because the components expand with the moisture and crack with the dryness. There are other factors that cause pianos to go out of tune as well; however, the myth of just moving the piano is not one of them. Here are the main reasons you might need piano tuning:

• Humidity—Changes in humidity cause the wooden sound board to swell and change the tension on the strings, while larger fluctuations in humidity can cause the sound board to crack and wooden parts to warp.

• Temperature—Temperature changes can affect the overall pitch of a piano.

• Strings—With newer pianos, strings gradually stretch, which they need to do until fully stretched and able to stabilize.

• Tuning Pins—In older pianos, the tuning pins that hold the strings in tune can become loose.

• Frequent Playing—Frequent playing wears out the components.

• Hard Playing—Hard playing can cause wear and tear on piano parts.

• Felt Hammers—The felt on the hammers becomes compressed by repeated impact and can also form grooves at the point of contact.

Keeping your piano in tune is more important than you might think. Piano tuning helps prevent the strings from developing kinks, the soundboard from losing its crown, excessive wear on the pinblock, and broken strings. Once you have this much instability, the piano repairs are much more expensive.

Keep your piano tuned and repair costs low by calling the most experienced piano tuner with the most affordable prices in Baltimore, MD. You can find me at Better Sounds Piano Tuning.

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