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You just moved your new piano home and now it sounds awful! Does it need piano repairs already? As a skilled piano maintenance technician at Better Sounds Piano Tuning in Baltimore, MD, I can say if your piano is brand new or your piano was in good working order before you moved it, it probably does not need repair, but a piano tuning.

However, scheduling a service call for piano repairs and tuning will give me the opportunity to see how your piano is performing, give it a professional tuning, and find any piano repairs if needed.

A piano is a complex instrument with thousands of moving parts and hundreds of strings. Over time, the performance of any piano tends to decline due to the repeated stress of playing and the effects of humidity and temperature. Common piano repairs are:

• Keyboard Refurbishing
• Voicing
• Soundboard Cleaning
• Hammer Shaping
• Felt Replacement

The ideal way for piano owners to help prevent damage and lessen the chance for piano repairs is by protecting their instruments from humidity and contaminants. Through a conscientious effort in keeping liquids away from the piano, keeping the lid closed to prevent dust in between the keys, and opening the lid at times to ensure air circulation to prevent mold from growing, you should need fewer piano repairs.

If humidity changes are extreme, the soundboard may warp and collapse and lose its crown. Careful placement of the piano away from air vents, heaters, open windows and doors, direct sunlight and even the kitchen. These are all potential sources of sudden humidity changes and it is important to avoid them.

Attending quickly to all piano repairs can extend the life of your piano. If your upright piano needs repair, or grand piano repairs are needed. Call Better Sounds Piano Tuning in Baltimore, MD to get the job done right.

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