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If a key makes a tone when played, you may be in luck with a minor fix. However, if a key does not make a tone, it may need replacing or a dozen other types of repairs performed. Better Sounds Piano Tuning in Baltimore, MD offers piano rekeying, which includes broken or sticking keys.

Most common repair calls come in as a broken key. However, usually this description means when the key is pressed down, the note doesn’t play, or when the key is pressed, it sticks and will not come back up. Most often, these are quick fixes, but there are many other reasons for needing a piano rekeying, such as:

• Felt—The felt swells in humidity and the felt bushing is binding against the front rail pin.
• Hammers—Sometimes the hammers are too close together and rub, or the hammer shank can break.
• Jack Flanges—Jack flanges often come unglued.
• Broken Key—The key itself cracks at the balance rail hole.
• Miscellaneous—Loose change, pencils, toys, food, and other objects fall between the keys.

All piano keys are made of wood and covered with plastic or resins. Although ivory was used on pianos previous to the advent of plastic technology, unless you have an original with ivory keys, the keytops will be plastic glued over the wood. If white keytops and fronts or black sharp keytops need fixing, there are many options for getting them repaired or replaced.

Whether you are in need of a grand piano rekeying or repair on an upright piano, you will find my quality of work meeting the highest standards in the industry. Try my piano rekeying services at Better Sounds Piano Tuning in Baltimore, MD.

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